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How Much Does A Skateboard Cost

If you are new to skateboarding and looking to get started, or researching buying a board for someone else we are sure you want to know what you are expecting to spend. So how much does a skateboard cost? This is really up to you, a skateboard can be as affordable or as expensive as you want to make it. We carry a large range of Complete Skateboards which are ready built for beginners. These range in price, beginning at below £50. If you were planning to build a custom complete we also stock some of the most expensive components on the market. If you were to select all of the most expensive options you would be looking at spending hundreds of pounds.

The ball is in your court, we will be able to help you make the best use of your budget and always aim to have something for everybody. Here is some more advice which will aim you at further resources when researching your purchase.

What is the cheapest skateboard?

The cheapest option when buying a skateboard from us would definitely be a ready made complete. We have more than 150 pre-built complete skateboards that are ready to roll which are ideal for beginners of all ages. If you visit our Beginners Guide To Buying Your First Skateboard you will find that we have catalogued our collection and you can shop for the specific age group you are buying for. Whether you are shopping for a child from 4-7 Years Old, an older child from 8-12 Years Old, or somebody 13 Years Old to Adult we have you covered. These categories have filtered all of the complete skateboards and matched up the size to the age group it best suits.

You will find all of our Complete Skateboards together. As well as filtering them according to age group you will find a price option in the three tabs above the skateboards. This means you can shop for boards from £50-£60 for instance to find anything which is available within that price range. There are also price brackets below that and beyond. You can search all the way to £90 and above.

On your shopping travels you may well have found some even cheaper options on the market, in sports shops or toy shops perhaps. While spending less money is an attractive option what you are investing in is a hinderance to the learning process. These complete skateboards have always existed, they use much cheaper sub-standard equipment and won’t function in the same way as the completes we sell. The trucks won’t turn properly, the bearings won’t spin, the wheels won’t function as they should, and the board itself won’t aid that first ollie. The cheaper materials they use shaves money off the price but also delivers a big hit when it comes to functionality. In short, buy cheap, buy twice. All of our complete skateboards have been selected to be a reliable and integral part of the learning experience while also being affordable. If you are looking to buy the cheapest skateboard please take this advice into account and consider one of our Complete Skateboards over cheaper replica alternatives.

What is the most expensive skateboard?

The alternative to buying a ready built Complete Skateboard is building your own from scratch. This is where you could end up spending a lot more money if you wanted to as we have higher end options for each individual component which will go to making up your skateboard. You will find while shopping around how the prices vary.

Selecting all of the individual components which will make up your skateboard is a lot of fun. There are different factors to consider which are covered in our guide to Building Your First Custom Complete. First up you will want to inform yourself about Buying Your First Skateboard Deck. Once you have done that you will need to figure out What Size Skateboard Trucks you need based on the board you have selected. After that it’s plain sailing, you just need to select wheels, bearings and truck bolts and your custom complete is ready to be assembled.

If you wanted to build a super expensive, elite skateboard you would be looking at investing in technological advances and materials. Powell Peralta Flight Decks have an epoxy infused, fibre reinforced structure the company have developed which makes the boards twice as strong but also twice as pricey, the most expensive decks on our board wall. When shopping for trucks, the most expensive ones will be made from titanium and have hollow axles and kingpins to make them even lighter. When shopping for wheels, the most expensive will use technologically advanced formulas. Examples of this would be Spitfire’s Formula Four compound or the STF and SPF compounds in the Bones range. Bearings are another component which range from under £10 to over £90. The most expensive bearings use ceramic balls. You can also spend more money customising how your skateboard looks by opting for different graphic griptape options.

Ultimately what we recommend doing is figuring out what your budget is. When shopping for each individual component you can filter your search and narrow it down further via Price, selecting the price range which best suits your overall budget. As well as building an extravagant set-up made up of the most expensive products available you can also make something which will work great for far less money. You can select any of the products to make up your custom complete easily online and add them to your basket. Your skateboard can be assembled by one of our team and shipped out to you, or you can receive all of the individual components and build it yourself which is much more fun. Alternatively research what you think will best work for you and then visit one of our shops. Once there, one of our experienced staff can talk you through each stage of the process.