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Build A Complete Skateboard

When people first start skateboarding we recommend they buy one of our Beginners Completes, one of these is all anyone needs to begin their learning journey. Alternatively there is also the exciting option of building a custom complete. This means you get to pick every component yourself. We understand that this is a bit more of a complicated task so we’ve broken it down for you in this guide. You will likely be asking yourself what parts do I need to build a complete skateboard? These are the necessary components…

Skateboard Deck
We recommend you pick your Skateboard Deck first, with over 300 boards on offer from the best companies out there we are sure there will be a graphic that catches your eye so have a browse. Graphics are an important factor but you should be aware of the size of the board you choose. The decks we sell range from 7.5" wide all the way to some which are 10" wide. A general rule of thumb if you're buying for a child is that a small person should select a narrower board, somewhere between 7.5" wide and 8" wide. Seasoned skateboarders will appreciate the other specs we offer about each deck like wheelbase and concave.

Skateboard Trucks
Having chosen your deck you will next need to choose a pair of Skateboard Trucks, all of the trucks we sell online come as a pair. Trucks come in different sizes so the width of the deck you have selected will dictate what trucks you should chose for optimum performance. We have simplified this process for you too. Once you know the width of your board you just need to visit our Skateboard Trucks page and select TRUCK SIZE in the search bar. You can then find all of the trucks we have which are perfectly sized for your new deck.

Skateboard Wheels
Next you will need a set of four Skateboard Wheels. Wheels are available in a variety of sizes and hardnesses. This information is the first you will see next to each product. Our wheels range from 50mm to 66mm in diameter. Their hardness or durometer ranges from 78A to 103A, 78A being the softest. People select soft wheels when they are building a skateboard primarily for cruising around on and harder wheels are better suited for doing any tricks. Most people choose a wheel that is 99A or above in a size 50-54mm. If you choose a wheel bigger than 54mm it is recommended that you also buy riser pads.

Skateboard Bearings
You now need some Skateboard Bearings to keep those wheels turning. Bearings come packaged in sets of 8. Each of your wheels needs 2 bearings inserted in it for you to get rolling. Bearings are an important part of your set up deserving some consideration and there are a variety of options for each price bracket. The different brands we stock are further explored in our Bearing Buyers Guide.

Skateboard Bolts
Now you have your board picked out and the undercarriage components selected all you need to do is pick out some Skateboard Bolts to fix everything onto the deck. Unless you have opted for some bigger wheels and are going to need to consider using riser pads you will be selecting a set of 7/8' or 1' bolts. Bolts are sold in packs of 8 and it takes 4 bolts to fix each truck to the board. We sell a variety of options from the best hardware companies including some colourful options to make this custom complete your own down to the finest details.

Skateboard Griptape
When you selected your board you will have noticed your free griptape option before you added it to your basket. Every deck we sell comes with the option of free griptape and you can choose to opt for Jessup or Mob, two of the best griptape companies out there. Both work perfectly and only seasoned skateboarders will have a preference but for your information Jessup has a lower grit-level than Mob making it slightly less abrasive. The free griptape option included with every board is for stock black coloured sheets only. If you wanted to further customise your board you might want to consider adding one of these other griptape options to your basket.