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What Size Skateboard Trucks Do I Need?

If you are new to skateboarding we realise that there is a lot of information to digest when picking what hardware is right for you. Perhaps the most confusing choice can be deciding what trucks to buy. This is because each brand uses it’s own sizing and names their trucks differently. When putting a skateboard together it is important that the trucks are the right size for the width of the deck you have selected. This guide will direct you to the specific sizing of all of our Skateboard Trucks.

Basically you want your axles to line up with the edge of your board. Often truck brand sizing corresponds to the width of the truck hanger but we are interested in matching the size of your board with the width of the truck from axle to axle. This means you avoid the wheels sticking out at the sides when you are looking down on your skateboard or sitting too far in from the edge. Both of these scenarios are not ideal. For the right balance and optimum performance you want everything to match up.

We recommend first selecting the right width board for you, this could be assisted by our Buying My First Skateboard Deck guide. Once you have done that pick a truck brand you are interested in and see which truck in their product range is the exact fit for the board size you have selected. We have further simplified this process for you with our Truck Size Guides for each brand. There is simple visual guide for every truck each company produces and the size board they are perfect for. Click below to see what truck matches your board size from each of the companies we stock…

Ace Trucks Size Guide

Bullet Trucks Size Guide

Independent Trucks Size Guide

Tensor Trucks Size Guide

Thunder Trucks Size Guide

Venture Trucks Size Guide