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Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark

What used to be know as Playstation Skatepark for several years, then once Xbox took on the sponsorship of the park it became Bay Sixty 6, in late 2011 Nike SB finished refurbishing the park.

The first thing to note about the park is that it's undercover, although if it's raining and windy some edges of the park do still get wet. However the park is huge and has plenty for everyone across the park. Including simple street style ledges, big hubbas, rails, driveways, quarters, flat banks, ski jump style gaps and wall rides. Along with the large bowl and beginners sections.

Since the refurb in 2011 the work hasn't stopped with pieces being changed and added all the time, including a bank to marble bench, mini-ramp in roughly the same place as the pre-refurb ramp and changing the wall ride to incorporate a street spot style door and steps.

There are also great facilities including, lockers, toilets, snack vending machines, seating area and also a skate shop.

Check out the BaySixty6 website for details of session times, prices and events.

Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark Photos