Ricta Skateboard Wheels Buyers Guide 2022

Ricta skateboard wheels pride themselves on being “the leader in speed reinvented wheel technology”. Ricta have always made an amazing product and pioneered new technologies. They are famous for their cored wheels, their super hard flat spot resistant Rapido Urethane and leading the charge when it came to offering high quality soft wheels in a variety of sizes with their Clouds range. This guide will take you through their range of products and explain the different shapes, compounds and categories available.

Ricta Wheel Shapes

Ricta Cores

Some of our customers swear by cored wheels so we always have these in stock. There are different aesthetic differences between the wheels like the chrome core option but the science is the same. The plastic core surrounds your bearing and makes up half of the wheel and is then surrounded by urethane. This makes the wheels significantly lighter and reduces rolling resistance. They keep their shape when landing tricks and will roll over cracks with less feedback than a regular wheel. Cored wheels are super fast and have a different, much harder feel than regular wheels.

Ricta Chrome Cores Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 31.3mm 18.3mm
53mm 31.5mm 18.7mm
54mm 31.8mm 19.1mm

Ricta Speedrings Wide

Speed rings are another technical development from the design team at Ricta. These offer the speed and reduced rolling resistance of a cored wheel but don’t feel like one, they feel like a traditional wheel. The marketing tagline for Ricta Speedrings is “crush your landings, not your wheels”. They are the wheel of choice for team riders like David Gonzales, Greg Lutzka and Jimmy Carlin who obviously put any product they ride through its paces. The wider shape has a hard edge and an inner conical for a consistent lock in. Their wider surface is perfect for consistently smooth slides.

Ricta Speedrings Wide Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
53mm 33.5mm 21mm
54mm 34mm 22mm

Ricta Speedrings Slim

Speedrings have a solid plastic core braced by two layers of Rapido urethane. They are designed to stay solid on impact. This means no loss of speed when you’re jumping down stairs or gaps. This can mean the difference between rolling away triumphant or the squish you sometimes get from single compound wheels which can pitch you to the floor. Ricta Speedrings offer maximum speed and smooth control and may be the helping hand you need to roll away from those stairs you’ve been eyeing up. This slimmer shape has a thinner profile for less drag.

Ricta Speedrings Slim Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
51mm 29mm 17mm
52mm 30.3mm 18.5mm

Ricta Clouds

Ricta Clouds are our best selling soft wheels. They come in a variety of sizes for all your cruising needs from as small as 52mm to as big as 60mm. They also come in three different durometers so you can have some agency over your roll. Choose from 78, 86, and 92a. This makes up the difference between a straight cruiser board and a filming set-up.

Ricta Clouds Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 31.75mm 18.3mm
53mm 33.75mm 19mm
54mm 34mm 19.4mm
55mm 34mm 20mm
56mm 34mm 21.5mm
57mm 36mm 22mm
60mm 43mm 35mm

Ricta Cored Clouds

As well as the traditional Clouds range Ricta also make a Ricta Cored Cloudversion. This shaves off a little weight and the core serves to firm up the wheel making it less bouncy than it’s straight urethane predecessor. This means you will have some of the rough terrain advantages offered by the softer durometer but a firm enough wheel to perform tricks. Cored Ricta Clouds are designed to make your roll on the roughest of surfaces feel like you’re rolling on a warehouse floor. Perfect for that crusty spot with the rough ride away.

Spitfire Conical Full Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 32mm 19mm
54mm 34mm 21mm
56mm 34.5mm 21mm

Ricta Sparx

Ricta Sparx are an amazing wheel for an incredibly low price. Ideal for the skate park or street, they are 99A and have a mid-width classic park shape. Their signature Rapido urethane is guaranteed not to let you down.

Ricta Sparx Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
51mm 31.9mm 18.3mm
52mm 33mm 18.5mm
53mm 33.1mm 18.5mm
54mm 33.2mm 18.6mm
55mm 33.3mm 18.8mm