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Where To Buy A Skateboard

If you found your way to reading this then you are already in the right place to buy a skateboard. We have over 600 Skateboard Decks in stock at all times and a wide variety of Complete Skateboards. Anything you need to build a skateboard or support your skateboarding mission is in stock and ready to be ordered and delivered to your door. If you have any questions and want to know more about buying a skateboard and which one is right for you then we are confident they will be answered in one of our Product Guides which tackles many FAQ’s. While our online shop has a comprehensive array of stock and information we also recommend visiting one of our shops when looking to buy a skateboard. We are proud of our retail spaces and have well trained expert staff on hand to offer help and advice when making your selection. You will be able to size up boards and feel out what is right for you, pick up the latest magazines and watch videos while you wait. For all of us, early skate shop visits were a formative experience and that is what we aim to re-create. We welcome everyone looking to buy a skateboard and begin the journey which changed our lives to visit us at one of our shops.

If you want to check out what we have in person we encourage you to do so. You can visit us at one of our two addresses. In East London that's our Brick Lane shop and in North London it's our Enfield Shop.