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Summer 2021 Lookbook


Our Summer 2021 line is here, we have new tees, hoods and caps with artwork inspired by music from our time above Rough Trade record shop. Towards the end of any given day, when the grip technicians of their time were unwinding, a live show would happen unannounced to us and people would stream through our shop down the spiral staircase to listen. We can still hear Neil (the manager of RT) screaming at people to get off the fragile stairs!

Our Lolla graphic is inspired by these evening festivals where Rough Trade and Slam became a Tardis, holding an impossible amount of people for what seemed like an eternity when the pub was calling. Our Appliance graphic is a play on the iconic ‘Washing Machine’ album by Sonic Youth, who performed underneath our very shop, on the back there’s a brief testimony of the services provided over the years. ‘Home away from home since 1986’

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