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Summer 2019 Lookbook


Summer beckons and boards are fast replaced or dusted off as spirits rise. We’ve put together some essentials for city exploits and after hours leisure time, created specifically for this magical time of year.

T-Shirts and hoods inspired by images and locations embedded in our consciousness will have you covered. Six panel caps are embroidered with a Flamehead as old as some of us. Our travel bag is designed to keep things safe and simple and free up pockets for liberation.

The shoot for this lookbook followed some good humans on a journey beginning at our front door. This day ended as so many others have in the best pub in London, now forever immortalised on what may be our favourite Slam shirt of all time. See you at the Keys.

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Photography. Alexis Kembery
T-Shirt Artwork. Jeremy Jones
Day tested By Mario, Gus and Moose