Polar Big Boy, Surf Pants & 93 Denim Fit Guide

Polar Big Boy Surf Pants & 93 Demin Fit Guide
Polar Skate Co started in 2011, the brainchild of skateboarding lifer Pontus Alv. We knew from the beginning that the hardware and team would be on point as of course it is. We couldn’t have predicted however that the ever evolving clothing line would expand into one of the most popular we have ever stocked. Polar pants are now hard to keep on the shelves due to the increasing popularity of three main styles. You will have seen many of your favourite skateboarders (whoever they ride for) rocking these things and if you are reading this you have probably decided you want to join the movement. But what fit is right for you? This visual guide to the different fits should answer your questions and help you find the pair which works best for you.

The Polar Surf Pants were created because Pontus couldn’t find any trousers that worked and flowed on a warm day. They are lightweight, breathable and loose fitting with a lot of airflow. In Pontus’ own words “It’s such an important part of your equipment when you’re a skater, you’ve got to move”. These will definitely free up movement and offer some liberation. Of all three styles these are the loosest across the thigh and most tapered to the hem. They have two side pockets and one welt style pocket on the back of the right leg.