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How To Display A Skateboard Deck On A Wall

We all remember staring in awe at the boards on display when we first set foot in our local skate shop. We often stock old school boards which feature reissued graphics from the 80s, iconic imagery which belongs on a wall as much as it does under our feet and skateboard collecting is a luxury many of us indulge in.

When we interviewed artist Oliver Payne about some boards he had designed for us he had this to say “a skateboard is a remarkably affordable way to put art on the wall. Especially given how inaccessible and financially prohibitive it is for most people to own art.” This quote rings true and many of us have collected boards that are special to us along our journey. But what is the best way to display them?

Skateboards are beautiful things

Thanks to Sk8ology hanging a skateboard deck has never been simpler or looked as good. Their incredible product is the official display method of choice at the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and even used and recommended by The Smithsonian Institute for displaying skateboard decks. This guide will show you just how easy their new Invisible floating deck snap display is to install.

What you will need:

• One drill with a 5mm drill bit
• Philips head screwdriver
• One Sk8ology Snap Display Unit (two if hanging board horizontally)

This amazing product requires one hole to fix it to the wall. Just one hole drilled with a 5mm bit will fit the wall plug which is included with the unit. Insert the wall plug into the drilled hole, line up your Sk8ology Snap Display and turn the screw (also included) into the wall plug. Your wall hanger is now ready to use.

These units are made from from clear polycarbonate with stainless steel hardware that easily snaps onto your skateboards deck bolt holes. Once attached to the wall you just squeeze the prongs to line up with your bolt holes and press the board which will lock into place. The skateboard you love will now be floating on your wall, it is so simple to use and will look amazing. It is also super easy to remove your board and swap it for another one. This is the best product on the market, a no brainer for anyone who wants to display their skateboard collection.