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Bones Skateboard Bearings Buyers Guide 2022


Bones have been making bearings since the 80s when Powell Peralta founder George Powell’s quest for faster bearings found him in Switzerland. His innovations in this field are what companies have been trying to match ever since. Bones remain our best selling bearings and offer a wide range of different options which represent each price bracket. Every set is pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant and comes with spacers, instructions and a sticker. We have been selling boxes of Bones bearings since we opened and they continue to fly out the door. Here are their products broken down…




REDS are hands down our best selling bearing of all time. They are based on the same technical specifications of the SWISS bearings (see next category) George Powell pioneered but are made at a factory in China. The cages, bearing sizes, shields and lubrication mirror the originals but they are manufactured to be far more affordable. REDS are fast ‘out-of-the-box’ and last a long time. You may have noticed some bearings carry ABEC ratings which are explained above in a message from George Powell. In his words “to give Bones bearings an ABEC rating would be to ignore all the improvements we have engineered into Bones”. Bearings from Bones are Skate Rated, specifically designed for skateboarding by one it’s greatest innovators. Once you have bought a set of these, start glancing around at the skate park, you will soon see you are one of many with red shields within your wheels. Make these your first set of bearings and go faster for longer. More information about further evolutions to the REDS bearing range below.






These are the bench mark, Bones SWISS are the original and the best. They are still made in Switzerland after George Powell first revealed them to the skateboarding world in 1981. Swiss bearings are fast out-of-the-box and are deigned to withstand shearing forces i.e. sideways movement experienced whilst doing sliding tricks making them way stronger than other bearings. The worst kept industry secret Corey Duffel spoke about in his recent interview for us is that all professional skateboarders regardless of their bearing sponsor ride Bones SWISS. Once you try these you won’t look back, we always sold them as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of skateboard bearings, they are the difference between ordinary and exceptional. Skate rated and never bettered, Bones SWISS are an investment which will revolutionise your roll.








These bearings are in a class of their own, they are the most expensive bearing we sell but also arguably the best. They are made in the same factory in Switzerland but are set apart by the Cerbec ceramic balls they use. These are much lighter, harder, stronger and longer lasting than anything else, they are also waterproof, resisting dirt and moisture. They have a high speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed. If you want the very best and want to invest more money in having superior equipment, these are the grail.








Super Swiss 6 Balls are an evolution of the original Bones SWISS bearings, they use the same high end materials and are also made in Switzerland. The only difference is that these employ six larger diameter balls instead of the seven most bearings and standard SWISS use. This design means they go faster and have greater strength and durability. The Bones research department constantly continue to innovate and improve.









Super Reds are an evolution of the REDS bearing which changed the market and set the precedent for what a mid-price bearing should be. Every component you find in standard REDS is upgraded creating a superior quality bearing. They have higher quality steel races, use better quality and grade balls and have a superior race finish. They are as fast as a set of REDS but are quieter, smoother and will outlast them. Unlike the standard REDS they have an all black laser engraved shield.








Big Balls are yet another tweak on the original Bones REDS design. These bearings have a higher top speed because of one main difference. Instead of running with 7 ball bearings inside the races, they have 6 balls which are 17% bigger. They will roll faster because of this and chomp through some of the dirt which can slow smaller balls down. Bones released these after the SWISS 6 Balls came out and there was high demand for a more affordable version, they are recognisable by their powder blue shields.








These are the elite option in the Bones REDS range. These bearings are a hybrid. Instead of the high end steel balls Super Reds use these have ceramic balls which are even harder than steel. Ceramic Super REDS are a high quality bearing that is cheaper than the uber expensive ceramics while using the same technology. The ceramic balls change everything, they make the bearings lighter, create less friction and will not rust which further lengthens their life span. Also because they are so much harder than steel the balls will chew through dirt and self heal by re-polishing the steel races flat again. The best performance and durability available in the REDS line.