Spitfire Wheels Buyers Guide

Spitfire skateboard wheels have been keeping the underground lit for nearly as long as Slam has been open. Spitfire are our best selling wheels without a doubt. They make a huge variety of wheels and we like to carry a cross section from the ever popular classics all the way through to Formula Fours. Spitfire Wheels have one of the biggest and most incredible teams in skateboarding. Ride The Fire.

Spitfire Wheel Compounds

99a Durometer

Spitfire’s 99 Duro wheels are developed for a higher rebound, making them fast and reliable and offering a smoother ride on all surfaces. They boast an unmatched flatspot resistance and a bit more grip than their harder counterparts. Great hardness option for an all round wheel.

101 Durometer

Spitfire’s 101 Duro is the hardest, something many of us are looking for. While also designed to beat the flat spots, their ultimate hardness and the anti-stick slide promises a whole lot of fun with no loss of control. Connoisseurs aren’t going to find a wheel that slides better than these.

Spitfire launched their Formula Four urethane compound in 2013 and it was a game changer. These wheels outlasted their counterparts, coned less and resisted flat spotting. They offer more speed and control wherever you are with a smooth anti-stick slide you can rely on. With two durometers to choose from and a variety of shapes the Formula Four range is the whole package. Look no further.

Spitfire Wheel Shapes


Spitfire Classics are a skateboarding mainstay. It’s the OG shape we all fell in love with and it’s what still keeps many of us here at Slam rolling. They have an ideal sized riding surface with rounded edges, making these a good all rounder whatever your preferred terrain.

Spitfire Classics Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
50mm 30mm 14.5mm
51mm 31mm 15mm
52mm 32mm 15.5mm
53mm 33mm 16mm
54mm 33.5mm 16.5mm
56mm 35.3mm 17.8mm
58mm 35.8mm 18mm
60mm 39mm 21.5mm


Radials have a slightly wider riding surface than a Classic which offers a bit more grip, making them an inspired choice for those who favour skating transition. They have a fuller round edge than a Classic for more control and a responsive slide. Mini ramp champs look no further.

Spitfire Radials Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 32.5mm 19mm
54mm 34mm 20mm
56mm 35mm 21mm

Radial Slim

It’s all personal preference and what works for you. If you want a more tablet shaped wheel then the Radial Slim is what you’re looking for. It has the narrowest riding surface of any Spitfire wheel with the same rounded edges. Less wheel, no less speed and the same guaranteed slide all Spitfire’s offer.

Spitfire Radial Slims Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
51mm 29.5mm 18mm
52mm 30mm 18.5mm
53mm 30.5mm 19mm
54mm 31mm 19.5mm
56mm 34mm 20.5mm


More wheel to the edge with this Conical shaped wheel, the corners are just cut away and not rounded. That grip is going to be there when you most need it with these guys but so will the slide. These would be great responsive wheels in a concrete park situation where you want a bit of extra control.

Spitfire Conical Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
51mm 31mm 19mm
52mm 31.5mm 19.5mm
54mm 32.2mm 20.2mm

Conical Full

These have the widest riding surface of all Spitfire Wheels, the most urethane between you and the floor. This means they offer unparalleled control and will keep you going faster for longer. These are the biggest tyres in the cabinet.

Spitfire Conical Full Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 32.5mm 21mm
53mm 33.5mm 21.5mm
54mm 34mm 22mm
56mm 36mm 25mm
58mm 37mm 27.3mm

Lock Ins

The key is in the name. This hybrid shape was developed for a reason, picture Jamie Foy grinding a kinked handrail. Lock Ins have a wide riding surface. Their asymmetrical shape sees the outside edge shaped like a conical while the inside edge is cut straight. Rejoice when you land your first feeble grind on a round bar for that added bit of help this shape offers.

Spitfire Lock Ins Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
52mm 32mm 20mm
53mm 32.5mm 21.5mm
55mm 33.5mm 23mm


Straight Cut profile, thin riding surface, speed and control for the sick.

Spitfire Tablets Wheel Shape Details
Size Width Riding Surface
51mm 28mm 19mm
52mm 29mm 20mm
53mm 30mm 21mm
54mm 31mm 22mm
55mm 33mm 23mm