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Slam Guide to Skateboard Trucks

At Slam we pride ourselves with being able to offer any skateboard product that is available. We sell all makes of truck but by far the best selling are Independent, Thunder and Venture. There are many other trucks out there but they are mostly based on of one of these. The vast majority of skateboarders ride one of these three brands of truck. They’re tried and tested and are often available at the best prices for you guys.

Independent Skateboard Trucks

Indys are considered the best turning, best grinding and strongest trucks that you can get. The new Stage 10 truck is the lightest Indy ever made. With a new super strong kingpin and unbendable axles this truck is untouchable. Indys come in two heights Hi and Lo. Hi Indys are advisable if you want to ride wheels larger that 52mm. The advantage being, that you get more wheel clearance and less ‘wheel-bite’. There are also versions available with strong, lightweight ‘forged’ baseplates as well as the recent addition of the Koston pro truck that feature a hollow kingpin and axle to minimize weight even further. Indys come in a range of widths which are suitable for all widths of deck. Check out our Independent Trucks sizing guide to help you choose what’s best for you.

Independent Trucks Pro riders include: Eric Koston, Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, Brian Anderson, Tony Trujillo, Darren Navarette, BUY Independent Skateboard Trucks Here

Thunder Skateboard Trucks

Thunder trucks are often the choice of the connoisseur. They have a slightly wider turning circle than Indys, which makes them a little more stable. The high version make a great alternative to Indys if you ride 8 inch-plus boards, like Ed Templeton and Chris Cole. Check out our Thunder Trucks sizing guide to help you choose what’s best for you.

Thunder Trucks Pro Riders Include: Nick Jensen, Chris Cole, Ed Templeton, Dennis Busenitz, John Rattray, Dylan Reider, Jamie Thomas, Marc Johnson, and Erik Ellington. BUY Thunder Skateboard Trucks Here

Venture Skateboard Trucks

The lightest, most stable and lowest of the three with the widest turning circle. Ventures are often the choice of skaters that skate mainly flatground and blocks. A board mounted with Ventures can really help when you’re learning flatground tricks; it’s so light and responsive and won’t veer off when you’re getting used to foot positioning for certain tricks. Check out our Venture Trucks sizing guide to help you choose what’s best for you.

Venture Trucks Pro Riders Include: Corey Duffel, Brandon Westgate, Stefan Janoski and Tim O’Connor.  BUY Venture Skateboard Trucks Here 

Top Tech Tip:

If you find you are breaking a lot of kingpins, ask yourself this: Do you ride tight trucks? If the answer is yes, then the chances are you’re just tightening up the rubbers that came with the trucks. Unfortunately this changes the angle that the truck turns at and so puts unnecessary pressure on the kingpin. If you like tight trucks: change the rubbers you get with the trucks to a harder version and you should instantly notice a difference.

Truck bushings. We recommend upgrading the truck rubbers/bushings to Bones Hardcore bushings. The rubbers supplied with skate trucks often have a limited lifespan. When it’s time to upgrade, go for the Bones ones. Here are some of the benefits:

  • There is no break-in period. Just put them in, adjust and skate.
  • Your trucks will be more responsive.
  • Your turns will be smooth and positive, not floppy or rigid.
  • 3 Hardnesses: Hard Bushing: 96A, Medium Bushing: 91A, Soft Bushing: 81A

Here’s exactly why they work so well:

When you turn a normal truck, the hanger web puts pressure on one side of each bushing (top and bottom). This squeezes that side and pushes the other side of each bushing away from the kingpin. We call this a single action bushing because only one side of the bushing works for you at a time.

The HardCore insert in the center of BONES bushings connects the two sides of each bushing together by bonding them to the HardCore insert. When the hanger web squeezes one side of a HardCore bushing, that side of the bushing reacts just like a normal bushing, but the chemical bond between the HardCore and the cushion keep the bushing from being squeezed out the other side. It actually increases the resistance to turning because it is held in place by the HardCore insert. This means basically that BOTH sides of the BONES HardCore Bushing are resisting your turning force. That’s why we call BONES Bushings the first double action truck bushings.

Skate Tools

Slam basic tool This is a great low-priced tool that has everything you need when you’re out in the wild and need to tighten up rig. Lightweight but strong plastic and steel construction makes this a great tool to throw in you bag and forget about until you need it.

Reflex Utilitool

This has everything you need to tighten/loosen and stuff but it has the bonus of saving you from crying out in despair when you can’t get that wheel nut back by the addition of the built in axle re-threader. This is a great tool for every skater to own and can help add months of life onto a set of trucks if you’ve mashed up the ends of the axles. Also included is a bearing press/remover to help you get those new bearings in and out. BUY Skate Tools Here