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Skateboard Bushings Guide

How do skateboard bushings work? All trucks come with standard bushings already installed. Tightening your kingpin nut will restrict how much your truck turns and loosening it will make your trucks turn more freely. We also carry a range of replacement bushings that are sold separately. This is so you can customise your trucks to your own specifications or replace your existing bushings once they are worn down from use. Soft bushings will give you the loosest turn, hard bushings will make the turn stiffer and medium bushings are the middle ground most people opt for. Changing them is easy and just requires a skate tool to take off your kingpin nut. This video below explains this further and shows Slam team rider Nick Jensen breaking in some new bushings on home turf. Check out our range of Skateboard Bushings and all the different Skateboard Trucks we have for sale.