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Skateboard Insoles Buyers Guide

Skateboard insoles from Footprint come highly recommended. Often when you pull out the insole from a new set of skate shoes it can be underwhelming to see a lack of impact conscious design in this area. That's where these carefully developed additions come in. Slam staff and team riders who have tried these swear by them and many customers who favour skating in Vulcanised shoes have added Footprint insoles into the equation for the support, cushioning and added balance they deliver. If you are reading this it's likely you are considering trying some too which is why we have broken down the different products in their range in this buyers guide. This will help you to choose the right insole for your needs.

Standard Kingfoam flat insoles are the best entry level product in the Footprint range and will quickly help you figure out how valuable that extra support really is. They are ideal for Mid to High arches. Available in 5mm or 7mm thicknesses, just slip these in your shoes and go. Compared to other performance insoles Kingfoam outperformed them considerably. They absorbed 91% of impact energy in lab tests compared to just 53% in competitors.

Kingfoam Orthotics
Kingdom Orthotics are ideal for Flat to Mid arches. They have a softer more dynamic arch for unparalleled comfort when walking and firm orthotic support at the moment of impact.Their dual density arch chamber dynamically custom shapes to your foot shape providing support where you need it and added balance. The material eases in to every pressure point relieving stress and evenly dispersing impact. They literally convert shock energy into heat using nanotechnology. These insoles can be trimmed to fit and include adjustable heel risers.

Kingfoam Elite
Kingfoam Elite high density insoles offer advanced impact protection. They are ideal for Mid to High arches and offer the most heel protection of any of their insoles, these are definitely for those of you out there who like skating stairs. Jaws had Kingfoam Elite insoles in his shoes when he ollie 25 stairs in Lyon and set the record for the most stairs ollied in the history of skateboarding. Although flexible for ultimate boardfeel no impact protection is compromised and the deep heel cup cradles your entire heel. This cup is heat moldable after heating the insoles in the oven at 150F for 10 minutes and then going for a walk. You also cut these highly durable insoles to fit by placing your existing insole on top of them and trimming around the outside. Some additional science trivia is that the proprietary material used in these is the exact same formulation used by NASA on the ISS to protect sensitive electronics.

Kingfoam Orthotic Elite Kingdom
Orthotic Elite insoles offer the same amount of extreme impact protection and durability as the regular elite insoles and utilise the same technology and materials. This Orthotic version is however specifically designed for Flat to Mid arches. The best orthotic insoles you can buy designed with the rigours of high level skateboarding as the guide for their development.

Gamechanger insoles are just that. The world’s first genuine over the counter custom fit orthotics will revolutionise skateboarding for your specific needs. If you have low or fallen arches or flat feet and pre existing joint pains these are the best choice from the Footprint range . Alternatively they are great if you have Mid arches but want the best protection and added balance. Gamechangers are designed to very simply mould to the shape of your foot as the special urethane foam formulation re-cures with heat. Warm it and the inner arch reacts and rises so you can make your imprint. As it cools it takes on the specific shape of your foot leaving you with custom orthotic support. They come with full instructions on how to perform this process. Gamechangers are covered with Artificial Cartilage foam designed to absorb 90% of impact energy. This prevents the collapse of your arch and helps keep your joints protected and aligned.

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