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How To Rethread Your Skateboard Trucks

Have you ever had trouble getting a wheel nut back on when replacing your wheels? This is a very common problem but there is an easy solution, all you need is a skate tool with a rethreader. We will talk you through how to use one in this guide.

Why do I need to rethread my trucks?

As soon as you start learning tricks your board will often land on it’s side in the process. Anyone learning how to kickflip will likely have experienced landing ‘primo’. This is where instead of landing back on the board griptape side up as intended you land with your feet on top of the wheels. This precarious accident is best avoided but an inevitable by-product of mastering flip tricks. Every time this happens or your board hits the floor wheel nuts first it damages the nuts incrementally. Over a long period of time the nuts can get worn down all the way through their nylon collar. This means the next point of contact with the floor will be the truck axles themselves. Repeated impact blunts the edge of the axle and destroys the first part of it’s thread. Damaged axles prevent you getting a wheel nut back on because that opening line of thread is no longer there for them to line up with. This is easily fixed with the rethreader tool which cuts through the damage and replaces the lost thread from the edge.

How to use a rethreader tool

This is an easy process and the tool is simple to use, just follow these tips. First remove the wheel nut with your skate tool and take off your wheel exposing your axle. Take off the washers, wheel and wheel nut, and put them somewhere safe and to hand. We recommend leaving your truck attached to your board so you have more purchase when using the tool.

Lay your board down on it’s side so the damaged axle is facing you. Hold the rethreader tool level above the axle and place it down over the top of it, your truck axle will fit perfectly into the hole.

You will feel the rethreader tool grip your axle when it is engaged, when you do push down vertically while turning clockwise. One small turn to the right should lock it on. When it has caught the first edge of your axle and locked into place make sure it is lined up in the right position and not crooked. Imagine it is just a giant wheel nut.

Now turn the tool clockwise for one or two rotations, you will feel some resistance as it cuts a new thread and it will take some strength. Keep the tool level throughout the rotations until you feel you have cut enough new thread. Now just turn the tool back anti-clockwise to remove it. You will now be able to see a shiny new thread on your axle.

Your work is now done, any wheel nut will have no problem gripping this new thread and doing it’s job. It’s good practise to do this to any damaged axles. We also suggest buying some new wheel nuts at the same time to replace the damaged ones because once that nylon collar is worn they can become loose easily.

We recommend that everyone invests in a skate tool with a rethreader, it will save the day again and again. The rethreader tool pictured in this guide has spent a long time in the field and is still going strong after many years. Experience has also taught us that it’s always a good idea to have a few spare wheel nuts stashed away. If you are having any problems using your new tool or need further hardware advice and assistance please drop into the shop. Our staff are well versed in solving these problems and happy to help.

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