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How To Grip Tape A Skateboard Deck

It’s super easy to grip your own board and this guide shows you how to do it perfectly. We have gripped so many boards here at Slam it’s like second nature but we understand the first time can be daunting which is why we made this guide for you. Once you’ve selected a skateboard deck you will always be prompted to choose griptape. All of our decks come with griptape for free. Alternatively you can choose a sheet of custom griptape. We are always more than happy to grip your board for you and everyone here at Slam City Skates is a dab hand at it. We do however believe you’re missing out on the fun of the whole ceremony. This video was made to inspire you to do it yourself. Spending a few minutes watching our ‘How to grip a skateboard video’ will gift you a life skill. We hope it helps you learn quickly and that you have many more grip jobs ahead of you. Although this is an easy process it does involve a sharp blade so be careful and we recommend young kids grip their first skateboard with the assistance of an adult.