Eleventh Hour Pre Order

The long awaited full length Eleventh Hour video made by Jake Harris is available now to pre order. This largely London based VX video, made over the period of a year, features incredible full parts from Nick Jensen, Luka Pinto, Tom Knox, Kevin Lowry, Sylvain Tognelli, Arthur Derrien, Daniel Clarke and Chris Jones with cameo appearances throughout. Here's a trailer featuring Nick and Sylvain...

With web clips becoming the norm and full length video releases becoming a rarity Slam City Skates were proud to support this release alongside Lakai, Fourstar and Isle. There's a great new interview with Sylvain Tognelli over on the Grey site. Some excellent questions have been posed by Grey mastermind Henry Kingsford. Sylvain has a good attitude to visiting London saying "Being there is like a treat". Enjoy the interview here and get your pre orders in for the DVD here. These will be shipped when they arrive in early October.