DC x Slam Southbank Gallery

We had meetings about promoting our upcoming DC collaboration and a lot of ideas were thrown out there. We are stoked that we managed to make what was literally a dream best case scenario a reality. First of all having Josh Kalis and Mike Blabac fly out to join us seemed unlikely. Recreating the Love Park kicker to can set up Josh and Mike immortalised was also a crazy 'what if?' notion. We watched it all happen and it still seems a little bit surreal. Andy Willis was given the exact specifications of the trash can and the jacked up slab. Two weeks later he had created a perfect replica. Andy fabricated the bin from scratch and it looked incredible! Josh mentioned that he had never actually watched someone skate this set up, having been too engrossed in each session. This time he got to enjoy it all and a lot went down! Above is DC rider John Shanahan blasting the first ollie. Enjoy this gallery of photos Andy Horsley shot for us...

James Grindley has become a firm fixture at events all over the country and he has a tight bag of unusual tricks at his disposal. Pictured above is a backside flip he did in no time before anyone was even down there. This was super easy for him, he also hoisted a lofty a hardflip revert over it.

Chris Oliver had no problem skating this awkward set up. The abruptness of the replica kicker left many floundering around but Chris snapped a backside 180 over the bin first try. He did a varial heel as well and was the only one to channel the Kalis legacy and spin a 360 flip over it.

The crowds continued to fill the inner sanctum and were lined up against the railing. Everyone was hyped when anything went down

There was a heavy media presence there to snap and follow anything that made it's way over the bin.

James Bush blasted a frontside heelflip over the bin (top left). Not sure what would have been harder, this or the switch backside heelflip he put down just towards the end of the event. Dom Henry went straight in and was the first person to approach it backwards. The switch flip pictured above was executed perfectly, it was boned, caught and landed bolts. It's pretty crazy how quickly so many amazing tricks were nailed.

Josh was on hand throughout, talking to the many fans who showed up on the day and enjoying watching the tricks people had up their sleeves.

Mike Blabac loved spending some time in London town in amongst his hectic work schedule. It was amazing having him as a guest and he thoroughly enjoyed the events we lined up.

Chris Oliver took the road less travelled and employed the rim of the trash can for this front board to fakie. He also ollied this replica obstacle to manual, popping down the 7 when he reached them.

Slam team rider Blondey McCoy took one of his old faithful's for a spin and came out on top with a perfect one. Towards the end of the session, with perfect form this Impossible Tail Grab occurred.

Needless to say the crowd went mad. Everyone who showed up witnessed a truly magical Saturday afternoon. It was obvious how hard this thing was to skate and seeing anything happen over it was a trip.

Here is a crew photo of many of the heads who made this whole thing possible. Left to right James Bush, Mike Blabac, Josh Kalis, Dave Snaddon, Jamie Hooper, Andy Willis and Jacob Sawyer. Thanks to everyone who came down to this one of a kind event for bringing good vibes. Thanks to DC for making this happen and most of all thanks to Josh Kalis and Mike Blabac for being legends and taking time out of their busy schedules to make this one of the most memorable events we have ever organised.