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    La Fraude par Carte-de-Crédit


    BEWARE Mr Hugo Rannou

    On 30th June 2015 Hugo Rannou ordered online from £564.42 worth of clothing on a credit card that wasn't his, this was a fraudulent transaction. The order was sent to him at on the 1st July and delivered and signed for by Mr Berliere on the 6th July 2015 at the following address.

    Hugo Rannou
    2 rue de la paroisse
    Tel Number:  +33 687166526
    Email: [email protected]

    Please help us find mr Hugo Rannou and stop him making more fraudulent transactions online.

    Update 9th Oct 2015

    We've just had it confirmed that the picture below is Mr Hugo Rannou



    Update 13th Oct 2015

    We've just been sent his facebook profile and his instagram handle

    Update Feb 2016

    On the 11 December 2015 Hugo finally got in touch with us as we had many people contact us after seeing our page on google as they had also been ripped off by Hugo and we were given his new address as

    4 rue sainte Victoire

    Because of this on the 11th Dec he paid us 300 euro of the money and promised the rest a few weeks later. Its now almost 3 months later and he is no longer taking our calls or responding to emails. He has deleted his social profile and now goes under Hügo Sømegüy http:///