eS To Europe With Love Tour + iPhone edit

November 25, 2010 in Tanner's Travels

Heres a collection of my photos, official and unofficial videos from the tour.

Sam Ashley was along for the journey. See below Smashers on his way to becoming very smashed….good times!

Joe Brook showing us he had lost some weight.

When Bobby wasn’t tagging the streets he had time to film some banging downhill lines. Things got a bit out of hand and resulted in a broken board.

Heres what Bobby got upto the night before near the hotel in Bordeaux. He doesn’t fuck around!

Jimmy MacDonald and Josh Matthews in the next hotel room. As you can see Josh prefers top….

Towards the end of the trip we got to visit Vitoria, Spain. This is Javier Sarmiento’s hometown.

He took us to this great restaurant near the centre, we smoked hash inside after the meal. Yeah Javi knows whats up!

Everyone having a great time at this end of the table too. Well….almost everyone.

Official tour video parts 1, 2 and 3 below.

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