London’s original skate rat tag team drop some lines that didn’t make the final cut. City of Rats premieres this Sunday at The Prince Charles cinema in London. All tickets have now sold out so if you missed it keep an eye out for local premieres to be announced soon. Steph skates for Familia skateboards, [...]


Southbank’s original Lost Boy has found himself, making his video debut in City of Rats. Here’s some more HYPE in the form of some throwaway footage from the Palace, adidas UK and Krew rider. ALL LONDON PREMIERE TICKETS SOLD OUT. INTERNATIONAL PREMIERES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON.

Casper Booker Teaser

Tickets went on sale in the shop over the weekend, and will soon be available in our online store. Heres a minute of unused Casper  footage to remind you why you want to be at The Prince Charles on March 4th.

Slam City Skates London Presents “City Of Rats” Trailer Number 2

First shown at the SlamCitySkates Christmas party in December 2011, the second trailer for City Of Rats. Featuring, Joey Pressey, Nick Jensen, Neil Smith, Karim Bakhtaoui, Lucien Clarke, Steph  Morgan, Casper Brooker, Darius Trabalza, Jin Shimizu, Daniel ‘Snowy’  Kinloch, Rob Mathieson John Tanner and the Slam family, dead rats, good shredding and Rory slamming in [...]

Nick Jensen Teaser

Nick gives a little insight in how he has gone about filming for City of Rats, and what keeps him motivated to skate in London. Don’t forget to check his interview on the blog…

Slam City Skates London Presents ‘City Of Rats’ Trailer Number 1

Released at the backend of Summer 2011, this was the first Slam video trailer to be released under the working title of ‘City Of ‘Rats’. We had all been thinking long and hard about the final release title for the video, in the end Hold Tight Henry came up with ‘City Of Rats’ over a [...]

RATS On The Road Off Cuts – Old St London

A while back we put out a little Rats on Road offcuts edit together featuring Jin Shimizu, Neil Smith, Rob Mathieson, Lucien Clarke, Nick Jensen, Steph Morgan, Will Harmon and more. Things were shaping up even back then to make this video a banger…

Slam City Summer 2010 ‘Video Promo’

Slam City Summer 2010 video promo. Filmed and edited by Bromley’s own Ben Dominguez. Featuring: Rob Mathieson, Wil Harmon, Paul Shier, Neil Smith, Karim Bakhtoui, Gustav Eden, Tom ‘Rum&Coke’ Richardson, Nick Jensen, Charlie Young, Jason Dill, Pontus Alv, Vaughan Baker, Rory Milanes, Steph Morgan and Lucien Clarke…

Slam City Summer 2009 ‘Video Promo’

Our first video promo from back in 2009. The 16mm intro was filmed and edited by Stu Bentley and with the rest of the video being filmed and edited by Blueprint Skateboards’ and Slam’s very own Dan Magee. Some seriously sick skating in here. make sure you check it out.